Who is behind Guitar Effects Pedals?

Hello! My name is Samuel Greene, the founder of Guitar Effects Pedals. I’m a musician based in Manchester UK who has a strong passion for music. My background has been musical since the age of 15, when I consciously decided to pick up the guitar and dedicate my time to learning the songs I was inspired by.

I have a degree in sound technology which allowed my to study my passion whilst spending the evening playing with my bands or researching gear.

As a lead guitarist the prospect of effects pedals was a necessity in order to achieve the sounds that my band mates wanted from me. Therefore I saved money in order to build a pedal board with endless possibilities, providing an array of sounds.

I realised this was something much bigger than the cheap acoustic guitar I used to play for hours in my room. Since developing my sound, whilst trialling a multitude of effects pedals, I have developed a passion for owning stompboxes, which is why I want to share my knowledge and buying opinions with you.

The philosophy behind this review site…

I used to spend so much time searching the internet for information on guitar pedals that I wished to own. However, as money is precious I needed honest opinions and accurate comparisons before I could conclusively decide which pedals are for me.

Admittedly, not every pedal iv’e bought has been the right choice, much of this coming from false information from websites thats are just trying to sell their product! Therefore It is my pleasure to welcome you to Guitar Effects Pedals, where you will find my personal recommendations on what pedals you need to enhance your experience as a guitar player.

If it’s featured on Guitar Effects Pedals, then it’s worth the investment!

Iv’e played thought many effects pedals during my time as a guitarist, either in the studio or playing live. Therefore I offer you a level of trust that all my reviews come from a real understanding of what a guitar player needs to improve their tone.

With the choice to review any pedal under the sun, I will often review pedals that have been close to my heart for a long time, whilst simultaneously keeping an eye on the future and all the latest offerings.

Regardless of the pedal being on my personal board or not, I promise to give accurate reviews on products so that you can ensure your hard earned cash is going towards pedals that suite your needs.

Contact Me

To get in touch with me, please feel free to email : guitarfxpedal@gmail.com

Thank you for visiting Guitar Effects Pedals, the informative hub for all things guitar effects related!

Samuel Thomas,

GFXP Founder