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In this review of the Boss BB-1X Bass Driver, we’re going to be discussing the pedals features, tone and performance to find out what makes this bass overdrive pedal one of the most highly regarded on the market.

Boss BB1x Bass Driver

Boss BB-1X Bass Driver

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The BB-1X is without a doubt one of the best bass overdrive pedals you can get. Simply put, it provides tonal diversity that is uncommon in overdrive bass pedals. This unit sounds great whether you want a subtle crunch or something that goes beyond classic overdrive tones. The best part is that you get a two-in-one product because this pedal also functions as a preamp.

This pedal feels a little more premium than the others that are available on the market, and it appears to be a great choice for players looking for more tonal flexibility and sound-shaping options. Furthermore, the dual output makes it extremely useful in a variety of situations. Finally, the pedal functions similarly to a real preamp unit, preserving the natural tone and saving you some space on your pedalboard as well as some money.

Features and controls

There are four knobs on the panel for tonal flexibility. Because all of them are fairly common for bass pedals, getting used to this pedal is a relatively quick process. Of course, the Drive knob allows you to dial in the perfect amount of overdrive, while the Low and High knobs allow for fine tonal shaping, which can completely transform the pedal’s sound.

Finally, the Blend knob, which is another common bass pedal control, allows you to blend dry and effected tone. The pedal has dual outputs for added versatility, with the additional Line Out providing significant benefits if you want to go straight into PA. You can expect Boss’s usual high-end build quality, and the pedal can be powered by a battery or a 9V adapter.

Check out this video Demonstrating the Boss BB-1X overdrive pedal.

Tone and Performance

The BB-1X is perhaps the most transparent ‘preamp’ like pedal available to bass players. It aims to shape and refine your tone rather than create something to sounds like it’s been done before. MDP technology that Boss launched last year gives this pedal the transparency and allows for more complex capabilities if you wish to explore them.

Whilst we don’t recommend this pedal for an all out bass distortion tone, it will reach these levels if required. We do, however, suggest you use the BB-1X for a clean boost to fatten up the tone of the amplifier, whilst not being afraid to dial in some bold driven tone when required.

Once again boss prove that quality and precision can be matched with affordability and overall value. The BB-1X bass driver is no exception and we fully recommend you try out this bass overdrive pedal for yourself.

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Customer Review Rating

The Boss BB-1X Bass Driver has a rating of 4.5* out of 5* on Amazon – Check Reviews Here

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