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In this review, we will talk about the Boss BD-2 Blues driver, it is an OD pedal which seems to follow Boss’s recipe. The price is certainly correct, how does the pedal fare?

Boss BD-2 Blues Driver

Boss BD-2 Blues Driver Review 

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The Boss BD-2 blues driver is one of the most widespread and recognizable stomp boxes used by guitarists today, reaching a great status in the music industry. However many companies have tried hard to replicate Boss’s recipe for success, with only a few able to make pedals which meld Boss’s signature affordability, signature balance of the tone, and quality.

Features and controls

If you know about boss’s distortion stomp box DS-1, then BD-2 is a very small member of this family, a boost pedal instead of distortion. However it delivers a good amount of grit along with the gain knob turned upwards. The very first thing which you will see with Boss BD-2 blues driver is the high quality construction; this is something players do not expect because of its high price tag. It is made solid and has significant weight to give the pedal a premium feel. It is a pedal made to take beatings on the live stage.

Boss describe the BD-2 driver as a pedal which is meant to give the type of warm emotive and overdrive distortion basically reserved for a 30 year old tube, a crunchy yet creamy tone combined with blues guitar. The BD-2 delivers a surprisingly huge variety of subtle to moderate distortion. If you can invest a bit more, the BD-2w that is basically a beefed up driver which comes with analog circuitry, gives warmer tones along with more sustain. However there are many fans of the regular BD-2 that offer everything they want in a bluesy overdrive.

Check out this video demonstrating the Boss BD-2 Overdrive

The Boss BD-2 shines as a very clean boost pedal. The volume knob at the bottom, cleans up everything, allowing the player to utilize the knob to boost or cut the signal volume. Also the Boss BD-2 Blues driver is durable, affordable and quiet. It contains all the makings of a great boost pedal, edging quite many dedicated boosters.

Tone and Performance

This pedal gives you advertised, organic and transparent drive that is found by raising the gain on the amp, with more gain as you turn the gain in clockwise manner. BD-2 is a quite versatile pedal. It is used to manage onstage volume, to drive the end of tube amplifier, or a distortion pedal in its right, along with a variety of low to moderate distortion sound. There are many modifications present for BD-2 which can make it a dirt box when compared to expensive pedals.

Boss BD-2 Blues Driver

While it may not go hand in hand with boutique level pedal when emulating overdrive is concerned, BD-2 does not cost you less than 100 dollars. But BD-2 is easily among the top bang for buck pedals available on the market, able to manage onstage volume, drive front end of tube amp and work as a distortion pedal in its own right, offering value and versatility like some other stompboxes cant.

The Boss BD-2 Blues Driver will cost you less than 100 dollars and is fully worth the investment in our opinion.

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Customer Review Rating

The Boss DB-2 is rated 4.5* out of 5* on amazon – Check Review Here

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