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In this Boss FRV-1 review, we’re going to be discussing the pedals features, tone and performance to find out what makes this reverb pedal so highly regarded.

Boss FRV-1 Reverb

Boss FRV-1 Review 

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Are you a 60’s baby? Stuck in a past-time with Fender sounds and the richness of guitar music legends stretching through an unforgettable era. If you enjoy the surf vibes, grunge and the tough gritty sounds and you want to make some for yourself then look no further. If you fancy yourself as a frontman and want to get some truly unique sounds on your guitar and bass we can tell you exactly how you can get this sound yourself.

Of course, if you are no novice to the guitar or music scene, you will have stumbled across musical provider Fender. Fender, who has dominated the craftsmanship of the guitar scene since it was born has now joined forces to bring us something brand new. They are the provider behind the above-mentioned sounds and so many more. Check out this BOSS FRV-1 Review to see how they have developed a bespoke musical technology to bring you sounds from decades ago.

Now, of course, every craftsman must develop and expand if they want to survive this
day in age. That is exactly what Fender has done with this new product they have created for their loyal fanbase. BOSS has partnered up with Fender to bring you the BOSS FRV-1 reverb pedal. This pedal is a modified version of the original stomp-box into a modern pedal. And this is quite a beautiful creation!

BOSS should not be overshadowed by the legacy of Fender however, as BOSS have long
since reigned the market in manufacturing top of the range pedals for decades. Supplying and supporting artists and musicians all over the world. Chances are if you’ve owned one or used one it was made by them.

Features and controls

At first glance, you’ll recognize the brown vintage aesthetics of the compact box, that ties in with the feel of the 60’s vibe. The colors are subtle and discreet and have a simple layout. The box feels stylish and includes those retro features you’d expect from Fender. The design includes three classic controls you’d expect from such companies: DWELL, MIXER AND TONE.

These controls heavily dominated the 1960’s which makes sense why they made the feature cut. You may need to refresh your memory or discover some new guitar heroes if these sound unfamiliar to you if you are slightly younger or wanting to expand your genres.

The layout of the controls is supposed to be laid out in the most logical way, the same as BOSS usually lay out their pedals. The Dwell control will operate the spring intensity vibration. The Mixer leads on how much you want your sound to trail and the Tone, controls your reverb. The Pedal incorporates the classical warm lush drips of the classic Fender sound which you’ll hear as you twist and turn through your controls. Be careful to balance with your dry amp signal to ensure your best performance.

You can easily switch around with all three controls, adjusting and experimenting through them with ease thanks to the even spacing and uncomplicated setting. In case you live in a communal space or apartment and can’t have a jamming session all through the night, you can plug this BOSS FRV-1 straight into your headphones. You’ll still get great authentic sound and a unique edge.

Tone and performance

If you are looking to re-create retro sounds with a lightweight easily transferable reverb, this is the perfect component for you. The aesthetic, tone and overall performance will definitely get you in the mood to kick back and get into a surf-vibe. Expect high performance from those two powerhouses combining together, because this is exactly what they have put together. Every inch of this Reverb pedal has been considered with great care and aimed for passionate guitar enthusiasts.

Keeping it simple with the three controls means that; you can master the sound at a pace suited to you and it not too overwhelming to every level of musician to have fun with. You can create your own unique sounds and mixes and perform your best ever in front of all your fans.

The BOSS FRV-1 will provide you with a sound different from the modern day which will make you stand out. The price is what you would pay for high-quality manufacturers but they have not failed to deliver a product that is well worth the value. Most importantly you’ll have fun with this product and it is under guarantee for five years.

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The Boss FRV-1 Reverb pedal is rated 4* out of 5* on Amazon – Check Reviews Here

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