Chorus Vibrato Pedals: Create Dimension in Your Tone (October 2023) 🥇

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Chorus Vibrato Pedals

If you’re a guitar player, you know that there are many different types of pedals out there. One type of pedal is the chorus vibrato pedal. Chorus vibrato pedals are used to create a modification of the signal that is being sent to your amplifier. This gives your sound a different effect than if you were not using the pedal. Chorus vibrato pedals can be used on any type of instrument, but they are most commonly used on guitars.

So What Exactly Is A Vibrato Guitar Pedal..

Vibrato is a modulation effect that falls in between a chorus and a tremolo in the world of modulation pedals. Although the two effects are similar to the tremolo in sound, there is a significant distinction between them. Tremelo modifies the loudness of the signal whereas vibrato changes the pitch, which is why they sound similar and have similarities to the chorus pedal effect.

Vibrato is a sound that several renowned guitarists have incorporated into their playing. This had an impact on the vibe pedal, which is fundamentally in the same family as the vibrato but sounds more like a phaser. Of course, vibrato has long been available as a pedal. They typically consist of the same controls, such depth, speed, and rate. Some high-end vibrato pedals offer additional functionality and character in addition to the normal vibrato because of the effect’s nature and its resemblance to chorus.

What Is A Chorus Vibrato Pedal?

A chorus vibrato pedal is a guitar effects pedal that combines the features of a chorus and a vibrato pedal. It creates a rich, full sound by modulating the pitch of the signal. The chorus effect is created by delay, while the vibrato effect is created by modulating the pitch. The two effects can be used together or separately.

The chorus vibrato pedal is a great tool for creating a wide variety of sounds. By manipulating the delay time and depth, you can create anything from a subtle shimmer to a wild, warbling sound. The possibilities are endless! If you’re looking for an all-in-one solution for your guitar sound, look no further than the chorus vibrato pedal.


What Is The Best Chorus Vibrato Pedal?

For anyone reading this who is looking for this type of pedal, there are a few great option on the market. First to mention is the Boss VB-2W, part of Boss pedals Waza Craft range and perhaps the best stompbox all round that we can recommend.

The pedal now has two sound modes—standard and custom—that provide a sound that is considerably more transparent while retaining the VB-2W’s past grandeur. Custom mode adds a low pass filter and is significantly more powerful, giving the tone a wider appearance. You may stay within the parameters of the traditional Boss vibrato sound by using standard mode.

The Boss VB-2W has the following controls: rate, depth, rising time, and the changeover from standard to custom. The fact that this pedal is entirely analogue is what really stands out to us because it so closely resembles the original pedal. The housing is the typical Boss small design, making the pedal almost unbreakable.

Another great option, and certainly the best value for money would be the TC Electronic Shaker. Four knobs on this little pedal regulate the speed, depth, tone, and rising time. From a delicate shimmering chorus to a strong vibrato wobble, this pedal offers a wide range of tones that we really like.

The ‘rising time’ adjustment on vibrato pedals is special and adds something different. A novel and creative feature that has never been used before is the ability to postpone the moment when the impact begins to take effect. Additionally, the foot switch may be configured to operate in “latch” mode, which only activates the effect when the switch is depressed.

In conclusion, the chorus vibrato pedal is a great tool for any musician. It can add depth and feeling to your music, and help you create your own unique sound. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, this pedal is a great addition to your arsenal. So go out there and create some beautiful music.


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