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In this Digitech Polara review, we’re going to be discussing the pedals features, tone and performance to find out what makes this reverb pedal so highly regarded.

Digitech Polara Reverb

Digitech Polara Review 

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Do you want to play like your favorite guitarist but can’t figure out how they create layers in their solo? Listen back to some of your artists’ lead parts and try and pick out all the different sounds and sections they can replicate on their singular guitar. That alo’ sound? That whole nest of different tones? We’ve always wondered how musicians can imitate the acoustics and create effects on a singular guitar whilst filling the whole space with endless depth.

We took a deeper look into the little device that musicians are using to add some expression into their craft. How they can create and reimagine all of the sounds around us and playback to us in real time is all done using a device made by Digitech. I came across this device and have written The Digitech Polara review based on its tone, features and overall aesthetics.

This is the first Reverb pedal device of this type that Digitech has neatly put
together. The lightweight box will be your ultimate bandmate that will compliment your every note. The Reverb pedal carefully manipulates your sound so you can create your own personalized soundscape. Your new buddy can be easily taken with you to every performance no matter how big or small.

The Digitech Polara pedal has come along way since the first reverb boxes were created. The company has always been renowned for delivering top quality sounds and being innovators with their market.

Features and controls

The cosmic design is finished in vibrant turquoise. It compliments the technical features, with the illustration reflecting the echoing sounds that the reverb creates. The artwork is sure to get you pumped up and ready to perform with some last minute inspiration.

The product is based on a standard studio unit so you can feel as professional as professionals
and know that you are getting the best quality. If you are worried about the set-up and complications then this is as basic as it gets! The Polara has a mono and stereo input and output for jacks so can easily fit in with the equipment you have already. Luckily, with The Digitech Polara, they have considered us and even those with less nimble fingers.

There are four large nodules to adjust the seven different presets for your every
need. Level, Decay, Liveliness and Type. The level is simply the amount of reverb you will receive, Decay is the length of delay, Liveliness is the tone of the reverb. The Digitech Polara is sealed tight in a strong metal casing, so any stomping, air-kicks and mishaps won’t be felt by or damage the pedal.

The product also includes a stomp lock (which has been revised since their hardwire line reverb) that will protect your preset settings whilst you play. There is a Vaccum-style footswitch so can be easily switched on and off too. Someone even thought to include a custom-cut hook and lock pad to ensure the Polara is attached securely to a pedal board.

Digitech Polara

Tone and performance

The type feature is most interesting and advanced as you can easily switch between all preset modes so you can play around with your sound and test out new ones too. Switch from an original rock feeling to a soothing personal room sound using “Room” and “Plate” setting or just stay in the warm Halo sound.

There is so much diversity. If you are looking to recreate a more natural sound, a mix between Halo and Room will give you a nice subtle balance. The Halo will provide a shimmering-like sound whilst the Room will fill it out a bit. The two tones may sound the most familiar to you.

The modulated setting it a more clean-cut tone, used for a more rhythmic part. Try combining it with reverb to stretch out your sound. The Spring setting will offer a surf-vibe sounding tone which can be great for the warmer months and upbeat music or crowds with a vintage feel.

In terms of tone, the Polara can provide a bypass function which keeps the unaffected tone of guitar or bass instrument in its original format if the reverb is not being used. You can play around with the settings to find softer or more extreme tones using the type nodule.

Sonically speaking, this Reverb is a really advanced device. Your sounds will definitely develop using this product! The pricing of the Digitech Polara is reasonable and a great investment for any musician of any level looking to experiment.

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Customer Review Rating

The Digitech Polara Reverb pedal is rated 4* out of 5* on Amazon – Check Reviews Here

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