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The following article is a Fender Bubbler review discussing the features and performance of a very popular chorus pedal.

Fender Bubbler Chorus

Fender Bubbler Chorus Review

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We can’t imagine the guitar world without Fender guitars and amps, but how about stompboxes? Some time ago, the company has started with a new series of pedal effects and this year was particularly great for modulation effects, as we saw three completely new products.

The Bubbler is among those three. It is a new chorus/vibrato pedal, which comes with loads of amazing features. The first thing we should mention is that this unit is quite affordable and that could be a great alternative to the amazing Boss DC-2w. It offers great versatility, packed in a simple stompbox, designed in Fender’s typical manner.

The pedal is very functional and I’m pretty sure you will find a lot of use, no matter if you need a durable and reliable stompbox for gigs or a recording tool that is loaded with lots of great sounds. The Fender Bubbler does it all.

The core of the pedal is Fender’s original circuit which delivers impressive sound quality. Despite the modern look, it is a genuine analog chorus, which sounds great and works great. Such a great combination of a great sound and easiness of use is something you will hardly find in this price range.

Features and controls

Let’s start with the design first. You can easily notice that this pedal features Fender’s new stompbox design, which characterizes all new pedals that recently came from the company. Therefore, you can count on a well-built housing, which is made of hi-grade anodized aluminum. This keeps the pedal light, despite the pretty rugged overall design.

As we already mentioned, this is a genuine analog chorus pedal, stereo as well. It features Fender’s original circuit, which ensures great sound quality and a pretty nice diversity of tones.

At the first look, you can notice a bunch of knobs on the pedal. Still, the fact is that things aren’t as complicated as they may seem to you. A bigger number of knobs is there because this is a two-speed chorus, with separated controls for each speed. Therefore, the upper column comes with two pairs of Rate/Depth knobs.

Below these four knobs, you will find two more. This time, we are talking about typical controls for these kinds of pedals. Of course, there is the Level knob from the left side, while the Sens knob is on the right. The latter is particularly interesting and it is something that makes this pedal so versatile. Between these two knobs, you will find a small toggle switch, which allows you to instantly change the waveform. Of course, you can choose between Sine and Triangle mode.

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Finally, the lower section contains two footswitches. On the left, there is a typical bypass switch. On the right, you will find a footswitch that allows you to instantly switch between slow and fast chorus. This is one of the best features of Fender Bubbler, as it practically makes it a two-in-one pedal, an amazing gig-friendly tool.

Another nice touch is the knob design. All knobs feature LED-backlit, which ensures perfect transparency in all conditions. If you find these LED lights annoying, you can turn them off.

Those would be the features you will find on the panel. From the sides, you can count on typical 1/4” inputs and outputs. More precisely there is one input and two outputs, as we are talking about a true stereo chorus pedal.

The pedal runs on the 9V power supply, which is sold separately. Alternately, you can run this stompbox with a single 9V battery and we really like Fender’s patented magnetically latched battery door, which makes replacements super-easy. The Fender Bubbler is pretty compact in size and weighs just around 1.2 pounds.

Tone and Performance

The Fender Bubbler chorus pedal looks great but performs even better. Although it features a pretty modern look, it actually delivers a genuine vintage sound. The pedal features Fender’s original circuit. We are talking about a true stereo pedal, which sounds in the manner of old-school chorus pedals.

Still, there is a bit of a modern touch, which ensures a much wider range of tones compared to vintage counterparts. The best thing about this pedal is that you can count on almost completely flat frequency response across the whole range, which isn’t the case with most vintage chorus pedals.

In this case, there are no such things as top-end sparkle and cut off bass tones. This is vastly important for live performance, not only because of the sound quality but also in terms of cohesion with other pedals and mixer. You may be completely serene, this pedal won’t devastate your EQ and volume.

Fender Bubbler

As I’ve already mentioned, this is a two-speed chorus pedal. The slow-speed side is perfect if you want to backup your amp and get a more atmospheric tone. It is a great tool for all kinds of relaxed music styles, which require a lot of depth and space. On the other side, the fast chorus is completely in accordance with the pedal’s name. It is really bubbly and a great tool if you want to add a bit of dynamics.

The toggle switch allows you to choose a sine or triangle waveform. The slow chorus works amazingly in both modes. On the other side, my recommendation is to keep the fast chorus in a triangle waveform. Sens knob is another thing that makes this pedal versatile and functional, as it offers a wide range of modulation rate.

Fender Bubbler Conclusion

To summarise, Fender Bubbler is a highly versatile pedal, which has several aces up its sleeve and can be useful for a wide range of guitar players. First of all, this is an amazing vintage analog chorus effect, especially if we consider the price tag. Speaking of the price, this pedal gives plenty in return. Besides great sound quality, it also benefits from several modern features, which make it a perfect gig unit.

It is a reliable and functional stompbox, which would be a great addition to your pedalboard, no matter the music style you play. No matter if you play live or just need something for your bedroom studio, the Bubbler will enrich your guitar sound significantly.

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Customer Review Rating

The Fender Bubbler chorus has a rating of 4.5* out of 5* on Amazon – >>>Check out the Latest Amazon Customer Reviews of the Fender Bubbler<<<

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