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The following article is a Fender Tre-Verb review discussing the features and performance of a very popular reverb pedal.

Fender Tre-Verb

Fender Tre-Verb Review

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Fender amps shaped guitar sound in so many ways. Of course, crystal clean tones are the first thing that comes to mind, but these amps have always had built-in circuits of impressive reverb and tremolo effects. After decades of waiting, the legendary circuits finally came in the form of stompboxes. A couple of years later, they finally came in a single stompbox, in the form of Fender Tre-Verb.

The Fender Tre-Verb packs two of the most important effects in guitar history, which are part of almost every signal chain. A great thing is that there is a wide range of tremolo and reverb tones you can get, as you can choose between two legendary spring reverb circuits, as well as several tremolo types, all based on Fender’s legendary tube effects.

Besides great sound quality, this pedal is also easy to use, thanks to great transparency and knob configuration, while there is also a lot of useful additions, which make your on-stage playing far more convenient.

I particularly like the fact that you can change the order of effects, as well as the fact that we are talking about a true stereo pedal. Finally, the pedal is compact and lightweight, but sturdy at the same time, I would say a real workhorse.

Features and controls

Visually, the pedal comes in a typical Fender manner. Just one look and it’s clear that we are talking about a pedal that packs two effects. The top panel of the pedal is clearly separated into two parts. The left side is reserved for Tremolo, while the right side features all necessary controls for the Reverb effect.

Both sides feature the same knob configuration. Three knobs, a toggle switch and a footswitch are what you get on each side. Of course, assignments are completely different. Also, these are all LED-backlit knobs, which make use on a dark stage far more convenient.

When it comes to the Tremolo side, things are pretty familiar. You can tweak Rate and Depth knobs in order to get all kinds of colors, while the toggle switch allows you to choose one of three different tremolo types. Those are Opto, Bias and Harmonic. Also, there is a tap tempo function for the tremolo rate.

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As I’ve already mentioned, the right side is reserved for Reverb. Here you can find a toggle switch that lets you pick one of two iconic spring reverbs (’63 or ’65), or to go for a less common Plate reverb. When it comes to knobs, things are pretty typical for reverb pedals, as there are Blend and Dwell potentiometers.

The last two, which are slightly bigger, are typical Level and Tone knobs. Of course, the lower section of the panel features a footswitch for each effect and both of them feature true bypass.

On the backside, you will find a couple of very interesting switches. The first thing I should mention is a switch that allows you to pick the order. Whether you prefer putting tremolo in front of reverb, or you are a less common guy who puts reverb first, you can make a perfect order in your chain with ease. Another switch you will find on this side of the pedal is a switch that allows you to turn LEDs on/off.

As I’ve already mentioned, this is a true stereo pedal. So, there is a couple of 1/4″inputs on one and a couple 1/4” outputs on the other side. This is particularly great for those who prefer multiple amp configurations.

The pedal runs on a 9V DC adaptor, which is sold separately. As I’ve already mentioned, the housing is light and compact, but also pretty sturdy at the same time, as it is made of anodized aluminum.

Tone and Performance

There is no doubt that the tone quality is the strongest point of this pedal, as it resembles some of the most iconic tremolo and reverb effects in the history of electric guitars. Still, keep in mind that we are talking about circuits that only resemble the original tube designs, so the sound is a little bit different compared to the original, amp built-in units. However, that doesn’t change the fact that the sound is amazing and probably the closest you can get in the form of a stompbox.

The tremolo section impresses in many ways. It offers a wide range of tremolo sounds, which makes it quite versatile. If you pick the Opto tremolo, you can count on a pulsating tone, a typical photoelectric tremolo that shaped so many different tones. Bias tremolo is what Fender used to call vibrato in the past. That’s a good-old LFO waveform you can find in many vintage Fender amps, which is great because it doesn’t cut the volume, no matter how much Depth you dial in with your knob.

Finally, there is an HM position on the switch, which offers split high pass and low pass filters, which results in a genuine rich harmonic tremolo. This is where knobs are most sensitive and where the tap button function really shines.

Fender Tre-Verb Tremelo/Reverb

On the other side, the Reverb section is even simpler. You can choose between two iconic spring reverb circuits. The ’63 delivers a really atmospheric reverb that shaped the legendary surf guitar sound. Somehow, I find this one more versatile than the ’65, which also sounds amazing, but works best for blues tones.

Still, keep in mind that these two reverb types are very similar and that it’s all about your taste and preferences. You won’t be disappointed with any of these two.

Finally, the third position on the switch is reserved for Plate reverb. It is a less common reverb type, especially for those who used to vintage Fender amps. Still, it really surprised me with its quality and, particularly, versatility. Of course, it’s all about those amazingly smooth reverb tails, which make this effect great for so many styles. Another great thing about the Plate is that you can combine it with all kinds of other reverbs.

Fender Tre-Verb Conclusion

As you can see, the Fender Tre-Verb has so many things to offer. A wide range of quality tones is something you can definitely count on. Of course, you may find more versatile separate reverb and tremolo pedals but I doubt you will find another product that packs such legendary effects in a single housing.

This pedal offers some of the most essential reverb and tremolo tones of the electric guitar. Still, probably the best thing about it is that the effects that have been reserved for vintage Fender amps in the past can now be used in a combination with any other amp. You simply can’t ask for more, given the price tag.

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Customer Review Rating

Fender Tre-Verb Temelo/Reverb pedal has a rating of 4.5* out of 5* on Amazon – >>>Check out the Latest Amazon Customer Reviews of the Fender Tre-Verb<<<

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