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In this Fulltone OCD review, we’re going to be discussing the pedals features, tone and performance to find out what makes this overdrive pedal so highly regarded amongst guitarists.

Fulltone OCD

Fulltone OCD Review

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Since its inception in 2004, the Fulltone OCD overdrive is go to dirt box for numerous guitarists worldwide. After a considerable time since its formation, a major update has emerged. Classic OD tones is converted to a compact medal with minimum amount of fuss.

Fulltone had its formation in 1991 by the pioneer Michael Fuller a composer and a seasoned guitarist. He went on develop bypass switching on all pedals at every possible juncture. In normal cases, most pedals tend to have a buffered output where the performance of the other pedals is destroyed whereby a signal chain is followed.

All the pedals are manufactured and tested at Southern California centres. The wires also tend to be custom made with the essence of 22-inch copper stranded where no tin coating is there. It drives home the point that it is flexible without any breakage. You may not be aware of the components, but clean results will emerge.

Features and controls

True bypass switching
Tone, volume along with drive controls
LP or HP switch for users and instant re voicing
The presence of an overdrive in the form of a tube and the response is touch sensitive.
For electric guitar greater overdrive tones
The presence of huge palette for sounds available
The sound quality is of superior stands with a compact design
It is responsive in nature

Fulltone has taken cognisance of the fact that the placement of overdrive is bound to have an impact on the voice of the dirt box. For this reason, OCDV 2 output, along with an impervious sound effect is provided. The tone will remain consistent no matter what the loop switcher or chain is placed.

They also go on to lay emphasis on the fact that output buffering will reduce the load on the hard clipping stage of the pedal which does provide more sustainability. The sound happens to be dynamic and smooth. One just have to really play through the pedal to get a first-hand feeling of it. The pedal is sensitive to the knob settings and the room is ample to curve your signature in this little box.

Fulltone OCD

Tone and Performance

If one thing that Fulltone has paid a lot of attention, is quest of tone. Never they have gone on to rest on their laurels as far as bypass circuits is concerned. After a lot of research, they have invented a substitute and it is termed as enhanced bypass.

In terms of performance, what Fulltone has done is that they have embedded OCDV2 with a 2N5452 JFET at an input level. The net result happens to be better interaction with the pickups of your guitar along with a better guitar change.

The plethora of overdrives is embedded with options. Fulltone OCD overdrive is termed as one of the best overdrives you can think of having in your possession. In the event of you having to look at the perfect lead tone, it is bound to bring in a new dimension to sound levels. To your amp it is like adding a custom node. It is an important component for all trained guitars as their obsession is satisfied.

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Customer Product Reviews

The Fulltone OCD has a rating of 4.5* out of 5* on Amazon – Check Reviews Here

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