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The following article is a MXR Carbon Copy review discussing the features and performance of a very popular delay pedal.

MXR Carbon Copy

MXR Carbon Copy

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In this era where every other sound brand is struggling to come up with a unique design of pedal, the MXR Carbon Copy definitely hits the bull’s eye. With a machinery so unique and an amazing sound quality to its advantage, the carbon copy is very musician’s dream.

Many of them are already opting to use it for stage performance ma and to make live, serious music. Almost every other product always falls short for its expectations when it comes to performance, but so is not the case wth the carbon copy.

The issues arising due to tape breaking and stretching are all addressed and taken care of in the making of the carbon copy. It is also very reliable and has good sounding repeats. It is the first commercial product of its kind and is therefore expected to overtake all others in the coming decade. By virtue of the best quality controls and settings, almost every type of music can be produced on the guitar. Ranging from country music to hip hop, all can be easily made incredible and enjoyable.

It is a good choice for those looking towards music as a profession. Apart from this, the added benefit is that the carbon copy is quite reasonably priced for a product of its quality. It can be purchased online and many EMI schemes are also available. The features, descriptions and advantages of the carbon copy may give some insight about the product.

Features and controls

  • The signal path of the carbon copy is all-analog making it a must-choice for individuals looking for an over-the-top quality music sound
  • It also comes with 600ms delay time and also boasts of optional modulation
  • Not only this, but the carbon copy has an easy to monitor 3 knob layout which, in turn, has in it Delay, Mix and Regen controls
  • Bypass switching is important in making any type of music, and with the carbon copy it occurs in the form of true hardware switching
  • In order to solve the problem of absence of sufficient light on dark stages during performances, it also has a speed ultra-bright blue LED to aid in visibility of controls
  • Modulation width and speed can be adjusted since there are present 2 internal trim pots solely for this purpose
  • The enclosure of the MXR Carbon Copy is compact stompbox making it difficult to damage or harm

The carbon copy comes with plenty of controls to adjust the quality of the sound produced by the guitar. With some amazing and cool features, this appliance adds life to the song played on it by turning and twisting only a few knobs on the guitar. These knobs and buttons can be pushed and high-quality sound can be created.

The buttons can be moved and adjusted in accordance with the preferences of the player. The controls are simple and easy to understand, and can be changed very quickly producing a rich quality of analog delay sound.

mxr carbon copy

Tone and Performance

When speaking of the modern classic guitar pedals, the only one that comes to mind is the Carbon Copy. It is not just a remake or modernisation of some original classic design, but in actuality is pretty unique itself. The sound quality is incredible and has a soft warm touch to it. A big lead sound can also be produced with quite ease. In order to create some psychedelic chronic exploration for cascading waves of delay, only a few buttons need to be pushed and very little adjustments have to be made.

When the Delay control is pushed all the way to the extreme left, an amazing quality of slapback delay tones can be heard. It can easily surpass the quality of the best slapback tones of a guitar one has ever experienced. The sound is smooth and rich, imparting a sense of enthusiasm to the song which is being played. Moreover, these variations in the sound are a result of changing only a few settings.

The carbon copy is such that improving the settings only a little further will lead to even better results with respect to the sound potential.

The pedal has been a choice for many professional bands and players in the recent times, and the musicians are quite satisfied with its performance. An undeniable vibrance can be felt and enjoyed when talking about the MXR Carbon Copy. The pedal not only makes the sound massive but also glorifies the music and improves the listener’s temperament. It is good choice to consider when purchasing a guitar in order to make sure that you have the best one in your kit.

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Customer Review Rating

The MXR Carbon Copy delay pedal is rated 4.5* out of 5* on Amazon – Check Reviews Here

If you found this review on the MXR Carbon Copy both enjoyable and informative. Comment below your own review or any questions you may have regarding this product.

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