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The following article is an MXR Custom Badass Modified review discussing the features and performance of a very popular distortion pedal.

MXR Custom Badass

MXR Custom Badass Modified Review

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MXR M77 Custom Badass overdrive guitar effects pedal is a classic overdrive circuit that is meant to enhance production of high quality sound from a guitar. Despite the fact that it is regarded as classic it comes with modern features that make it very versatile. It has been improved significantly to ensure that it serves its purpose perfectly.

This pedal also has an assortment of options which give the users options to choose from. The different options are meant to ensure that the users can choose the exact sound that they want their guitars to produce. Some of the ways that it can be used include; in performances, outdoor events, in armature recordings, in home studios and in professional recording amongst other similar uses.

Tone and Performance

One of the primary features of the MXR M77 Custom Badass is that it has 100HZ cut and boost control which plays an important role of allowing for a more focused EQ when cut or a beefier tone when boosted. This is important when it comes to producing high quality and unique sound. There is also a bump switch that engages an alternative EQ voicing to boost the lows and mids. This is also an important factor for it ensures all the sounds produced are distinct.

Features and controls

It is advisable to put this pedal in front of the ’78 Custom Badass Distortion for a slew of amp like gain structure that will not mask the tone. This plays an instrumental role of ensuring that the tone is clearly heard for it is not distorted. Users of this pedal also get to enjoy nirvana courtesy of the MRX Custom Badass team therefore letting them enjoy using the pedal more.

Furthermore, this pedal is of an ideal size where its dimensions are 4.4 inches by 5.5 inches by 2.6 inches and its total weight is just 12.6 ounces. This makes the pedal ideal for it occupies minimal space and it is easy to move from one point to the other. Controlling this pedal is also simple since all the knobs are properly market therefore making it ideal even for people who might be using it for the first time.

Is This Pedal For You?

The answer to this question is yes! Especially if you are a person who enjoy producing quality sounds while playing a guitar. This does not matter whether you are a professional or not because it can be used even by people who play just for fun. If you are a professional and you play guitar a lot you can especially benefit from this pedal.

This is because you will have the necessary knowledge on how to adjust the various features and as a result be able to control the quality of the sound produced. Furthermore, this particular pedal has more options and is more powerful than most other similar pedals.

Its design is in a way that it provides you with optimum benefits even if you are just playing guitar to enjoy yourself. The fact that it is light and small in size also makes it ideal for you because you do not want to have a pedal that will take a lot of space. Therefore, MXR M77 Custom Badass is an ideal pedal which has superior qualities which will give you optimum value.

If you found this review on the MXR Custom Badass distortion both enjoyable and informative. Comment below your own review or any questions you may have regarding this product.

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