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In this MXR M234 Analog Chorus review, we’re going to be discussing the pedals features, tone and performance to find out what makes this chorus pedal so highly regarded.

MXR Analog Chorus

MXR M234 Analog Chorus Review

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The MXR Analog Chorus presents some of the best audio engineering for guitars. This pedal produces a classic sound that cannot be matched with any modern, digital pedal. It enables you to achieve liquid, textured music that is lush and sweet to the ear. In addition to that, the MXR Analog Chorus empowers you with knobs which give you superior control over the sound that your guitar makes.

This pedal empowers you to control the depth, rate, level, low and high tones of your sound. As a result, you can achieve intonation and guitar tunes that were famous in the 60s, 70s and 80s. Here is a comprehensive mxr m234 analog chorus review.

For decades, guitarists have been nostalgic over the chorus effect. It was mainly associated with music production in the 1960s to 1980s. This effect makes every note, tone and sound in the music sound bigger and louder. This chorus effect is now back in full force thanks to the MXR Analog Chorus. It allows you to generate the classic, syrupy and sparkly sound again.

This pedal implements bucket-brigade level circuitry. This is one of the most sought after construction styles globally. It facilitates control over the rate, depth and level of your music. It also provides knobs which you can utilize to cut your frequencies. By using these knobs, you can achieve high or low frequencies so as to gain ultimate control over the tone of your guitar.

An interesting characteristic of the MXR Analog Chorus is that it comes inside an aqua blue case. This housing is made of heavy duty materials. Furthermore, you also get some durable switches and jacks. They provide you with excellent services over a long period of time.

Features and controls

The MXR Analog Chorus pedal provides you with 3 jacks. They include the In, Mono and Thru jacks. It also has 5 main controls. They include:

Level – This knob helps you to determine the amount of chorus effect which is delivered into the audio signal. When you increase the Level knob, you are able to attain more chorus in your guitar signal.

Low and High equalizer knobs – These controls represent the basic equalizer settings. You can use them to adjust the higher and lower end frequencies of your music.

Rate – This knob enables you to adjust the speed at which the chorus flows. As you crank it up, the music will get increasingly swirly and fast.

Depth – The intensity of your chorus effect is controlled using the Depth knob. By using this knob, you can hit a stronger punch while maintaining high values in your music.

By using these controls, you can achieve maximized musical flexibility. Through the MXR Analog Chorus, you can achieve literally every single type of chorus effect that you want. When you engage this pedal, a blue LED shines bright to show you that the unit is live.

Tone and performance

If you want to add some chorus effect to your music, you can gently crank up the Level control. Do it slowly and evenly. This helps to avoid pouring bucket loads of wash on your sound. By using the Rate and Depth control knobs, you can achieve excellent, substantial tonal range.

That’s because it can help you to transfer from subtle space effects to extreme ones quite easily. When you crank up the sound on your guitar and then slap down on the Depth and Rate, you can achieve some iconic hard rock tones.

The MXR Analog Chorus is amazing because you can use it to add depth or stage presence to a guitar. This is achievable using the High and Low equalizer knobs. They are especially effective if you want to create a live music sound in a studio setting.

The MXR Analog Chorus enables you to experience the entire 1980s in a convenient little box. It is a fantastic pedal that provides sound which goes back all the way to 1960s Leslie wash. Always versatile, the MXR Analog Chorus can also be used to achieve contemporary music notes. Best of all, this pedal proves that classic music was much more than just shimmery and pretty.

By using this stompbox, you can create some seriously heavy hard rock tones as well. It is important to note that you will require substantial amounts of modulation when using the MXR Analog Chorus. Get it today and experience a musical blast from the past!

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