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In this review of the Source Audio Aftershock bass Distortion, we’re going to be discussing the pedals features, tone and performance to find out what makes this bass distortion/overdrive pedal one of the most highly regarded on the market.

Source Audio Aftershock

Source Audio Aftershock

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Features and controls

With three distinct overdrive modes: Tube, Heavy, and Fuzz, the Source Audio Aftershock Bass Distortion lets you get down and dirty. You have complete control over the effect with controls for Drive, Level, Clean, and Tone, allowing you to dial in anything from a subtle, low gain overdrive to a thick, chewy, gut busting fuzz sound with ease.

The Aftershock is also stereo capable, allowing you to connect it to two amplifiers for a truly massive bass sound. You can also distort upstream stereo signals, split a mono signal into dual outputs, or use the additional in and out as an external effects loop with the Stereo setup.

Each of the One Series pedal are compatible with the Neuro Mobile App (which you can download for free for iOS and Android), which provides a wealth of presets, customisation, and editing options.

Check out this video demonstrating the Source Audio Aftershock bass distortion pedal.

Tone and Performance

The Aftershock has more features than a typical bass distortion pedal so theres more possibility when it comes to tone. As mentioned there are three different modes to choose from. ‘Tube’ gives a more subtle tone which has a vintage edge to it as the name would suggest. Next ‘heavy’ is scooped but provides thunderous low ends whilst ‘fuzz’ mode gives a more intense germanium fuzz sound which is very enjoyable to use.

Another cool feature is the stereo operation capability which allows you to hook the Aftershock to duel amplifiers for a massive wide overdriven sound. Using this pedal in stereo format offers a whole new level to thunderous bass tone which you’ll never want to go back from. Additionally, the universal bypass feature, Depending on where the Aftershock is in your signal chain, you can choose between an analogue buffered or relay-based True Bypass.

Its noticeable that the Source Audio Aftershock is at a slightly higher price point than other bass distortions on the market. However, when you consider the sound that this pedal can achieve, you are indeed saving as you’d need to buy three pedals usually to achieve such a sounds. From vintage overdrive to modern crunch, and everything in between, this pedal can do it all. The stock presets are good, but the Neuro app brings out the true power of the Aftershock. You can change any of the knobs and create presets from scratch, or you can choose from hundreds of user-submitted options.

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Customer Review Rating

The Source Audio Aftershock has a rating of 4.5* out of 5* on Amazon – Check Reviews Here

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