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In this Strymon Orbit review, we’re going to be discussing the pedals features, tone and performance to find out what makes this flanger pedal so highly regarded.

Strymon Orbit Flanger

Strymon Orbit Review

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As in all other walks of life, musicians in contemporary times, are using various kinds of electronic devices that enables them to play the music with more efficiency and thus, putting better performance. One of the key options in that regard is the Flanger that alters the sound signals through the introduction of a variable phase shift into 2 similar versions of the signals, eventually blending them.

If you are a professional musician and looking for the best Pedal, you will certainly do it wise to opt for the Strymon Orbit Flanger. Adopting this device, you can certainly expect to bring substantial improvements in your performance level.

If you are yet to give a hands-on try on the Strymon Orbit Flanger, it is likely that you will wonder what makes this product such highly coveted by the users. This instrument produces a swooshing sound, resembling the sound of the most coveted Vintage Analog Effects.

Coming with a combination of high function front-panel control, it enables the users to De-tune the chorus-like sounds to the intense and stunning sound of the jet plane. Thus, it will be right to say that adopting this instrument, modern musicians can easily get the sound effects of the classic tones. If truth be told, this is one of the key factors that can be accounted beyond the massive popularity of this product.

Features and controls

In terms of these aspects, this product will surely impress the new users, giving them the finest experience. The deep-editing feature, and the extensive I/O have impressed the users. It enables the users to dial the sound of the pedal with the highest perfection and in a manner that supports the performance. Following are the key points in this regard:

  • Offers the widest scopes of options in terms of the Vintage Swooch and Flanging of Analog Sound.
  • Highly Customisable that enables the users to produce some unique and exclusive sound.
  • The instrument comes with foot switch that makes it easier for the users to control the sound as well as to preset the device, as and when needed. This mechanism makes the device all the more user-friendly.
  • The manufacturer has incorporated 2 switches of premium quality and 5 Knobs that the user can use for fine-tuning the performance of the pedal.
  • Each control in this device comes with some secondary feature for subsequent editing of the sound.
  • Options for manual and automatic controls.
  • Expression Pedal input has been incorporated that allows control on real-time.


Tone and Performance

If you are looking for Flangers that will enable you to produce the Classic Analog tones, you will hardly get a better alternative to this product. Though this a digital device, its capacity to produce Analog sound makes it a modern tool to utilize the classic.

Is that you are looking for effects like Bubbly Swirl or Jet Plane Swoosh? IF so, you are ought to give a try on this device. The best part is that this device uses the most modern techniques to produce the Vintage sound effects with the highest clarity. This device enables the users to produce the sounds that have been the hallmarks of Van Halen, Beatles and various other legends.

In the aspect of performance, this device gets rated on a perfect-10 score by the existing uses. The longevity of the device is towards the highest extent and users love the efficiency of the device that comes with the highest user-friendliness.

As it comes up from the reviews by the existing users, they have been able to enhance the level of their performance substantially, adopting this device. This is probably the most realistic assessment of the worthiness of the device.

This company has earned the reputation for offering quality products, within reasonable rates and this product is justifies the reputation that the manufacturer enjoys. Reviews suggest that the company offers the most extensive and delightful support services to the users and hence, if you are having any issues and troubles with the device, you can expect to get instant fixes to those issues.

Thus, you can certainly opt for Strymon Orbit Flanger with confidence and a good faith about getting the best value in return for your money. You will never ever get the chances to regret for the decision to pick this product.

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