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The following article is a TC Electronic Corona Mini review discussing the features and performance of a very popular chorus pedal.

TC Electronic Corona Mini

TC Electronic Corona Mini Review

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Mini pedals have become the norm of the day in the guitar world. The TC electronic corona mini has helped to keep 80s music alive with its Leslie- style tone. TC electronics, the manufacturers of the gadget, have put together the different digital circuit sound into a small matchbox-sized container.

Despite the size, the pedal can be tuned and tweaked to sound better than its predecessor chorus pedal. It’s not only portable but also saves you space on the pedal board. The TC electronic corona is diverse as it is used on both the electric and bass guitars. The small size of this device makes it very portable to carry, and it can also get fixed quickly on a loaded pedalboard.

The pedal has three effect knobs that give its users many chorus blends to choose from. The manufacturer designed the chorus pedal to be user-friendly as one can easily tweak the knobs to their desired tone.

The TC electronic corona allows its users to spice up the tone even more by downloading customized effects inspired by famous world-class guitarists like Patrick Gilbert and John Petrucci. On the other hand, you can make use of a tone print editor to come up with your
customized effect. The editor gives one a variety of effects to come up with.

Features and controls

The pedal is controlled by three knobs which can be programmed with the TonePrint app. The corona comes with the following features:

A) A mono chorus pedal. It is used with an electric guitar. It has a single input and output component.

B) Customized tones inspired by great guitarists. You may opt to use one of these personalized tones which come in handy with the device.

C)  The casing of the pedal is hard and ready to hit the road. The metallic component casing helps the pedal endure harsh conditions like road trips, thus giving the device a long life.

D) Tone print Editor. This feature enables you to choose among a collection of preset tones inspired by accomplished guitarists. By using the editor feature, a guitarist can come up with their own custom chorus effect pedal. This feature is free for owners of this pedal. You can only use one preset at a time despite having several preset effects and tones at its disposal. This
feature boosts the usefulness of the pedal dramatically.

E)  Tri chorus feature. The TC electronic corona has three chorus engines making the overall output sound eargasmic. I would suggest you wear a helmet the first few days you use this feature to prevent your brains from blowing out.

F)  The pedal is beam enabled. You can send tones from a mobile device (Iphone and Android phone) to the pedal using an app.

G)  The adapter comes separately. Inside the purchased, you are not likely to find any power supply cables for a newly purchased The TC electronic corona pedal. The pedal uses DC power.

H)  USB connection interface. This feature helps the pedal connect to a PC through which you can send the TonePrints.

Corona mini Chorus

Tone and Performance

The TC electronic corona has many tones to experiment with. It has sounds ranging from John Petrucci’s Crunch Chorus tone to an extreme Munky deep chorus. Despite the pedal many tone features, it does its best to keep the raw tone of the guitar alive. You can hook up the corona to another effect pedal’s loop. The tone of the corona is adjusted using three knobs; these are: a) Depth, b) Speed, c) FX level.

The corona has a default tone as its setting that reverts itself when one is not using the customized tones. Low-end sounds are neutralized by the rich top-notch tone of the corona. The tone made the corona is described as lush, clean chorus that has musical warmth.

The pedal gives its user control of the Depth and FX level. By tweaking the knobs, you can identify a tone that will work with your music effectively. In most cases, you will only require one tone that you will be engaging with.

Turning the FX knob to around 50/50 turn (wet and dry) makes the guitar have an authentic sound. The knobs on the corona can be adjusted to produce darker and brighter chorus. Always refer to the FX knob for overall control of the sound. The darker presets have a more analog
chorus but lack the grit that is common with most analog chorus effects.

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Customer Review Rating

The TC Electronic Corona Mini pedal has an average rating of 4.0* out of 5* – Check Reviews Here

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