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In this TC Electronic Flashback 2 review, we’re going to be discussing the pedals features, tone and performance to find out what makes this delay pedal so highly regarded.

TC Electronic Flashback 2

TC Electronic Flashback 2

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Many musicians especially guitarists are interested in purchasing a stomp box which will help them create the music they wish easily and conveniently at a low cost. TC Electronic is one of the most popular manufacturers of guitar effects and other audio equipment, with many popular musicians using their products.

One of its more popular products for guitar effects is the Flashback Delay and Looper Pedal which is compact, well designed and easy to use. This TC Electronic Flashback Review provides details of the product, like its features, controls and also how it should be used.

The Flashback pedal has four control knobs for Delay duration, Feedback, Function and Delay type. The delay duration can be varied to up to seven seconds depending on the requirement of the user. There are eleven different delay types which are discussed separately. The pedal has a true bypass capacity if the original sound has to be bypassed.

There is a provision for stereo input and output signals, and downloading tones from a computer using the micro USB port available. The pedal requires a 9 volt DC supply and there is a provision for connecting a battery or a DC power supply.

Features and controls

The first control knob is located at the top of the board and is used for setting the duration of the delay. This duration can be adjusted between twenty milliseconds to up to seven seconds except for the Slap delay which is limited to 300 milliseconds . The Feedback knob is used to control the number of times the delay will be repeated, moving it in the clockwise direction, increases the number of repeats, while the repeat frequency is reduced by rotating in the anticlockwise direction. The FX knob controls the level of the delayed repeats and does not affect the original sound.

The delay type knob has 11 different settings, which the user can adjust depending on his requirement. The first setting is the 2290 which was originally created by TC electronic in the year 1985 and is popular among many musicians since it is crisp and clear.

The analogue delay is more muffled and fading. The tape echo has a nasal, warbling sound, similar to that made by tape recorders. The Lo-fi or low fidelity delay is a loud sound which is not musical, yet it can be used for some applications. The mod. or modulation setting is modulating the 2290 original sound, through three different choruses.

TC Electronic Flashback 2

One of the more popular features is the dynamic delay setting, which was invented by TC Electronic for the convenience of musicians. The level of the delay signal reduces when a person is playing the guitar and the signal level increases when the guitar is not being played. This ensures that the complex notes being played are not distorted.

The ping pong delay is named after a video game, and the delay with jump from left to right like the game. The slap delay is popular in country music, though it can be used for other applications. The reverse delay was used by popular musicians like Jimi Hendrix and it is a classic effect, with the dry signal killed.

The pedal also includes a looper which allows for looping for forty seconds of normal sound, twenty seconds of stereo sound. Thought it can be used for overdubbing, it cannot be used with other delay modes. The Toneprint setting allows the user to connect the pedal to a computer, and download the flashback settings from the TC electronic website, which has delays from popular musicians like John Petrucci, Joe Perry.

It can also be used by the guitar player to create his own delays, using the software from TC electronic. The true Bypass ensures that the the pedal will have no effect on the tone of the original music.

Tone and performance

One of the main advantages of the Flashback pedal is that it is extremely versatile and can be used to create a wide range of tones and sounds on the guitar with very less effort. The guitarist can recreate the tones of his favorite musicians using the multiple options of adjusting the delays, frequency available.

The pedal is easy to use, though the musician will have to spend some time to become familiar with all its features. The Toneprint and other features makes this pedal unique and excellent value for money.

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