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In this The Void Reverb review, we’re going to be discussing the pedals features, tone and performance to find out what makes this reverb pedal so highly regarded.

The Void Reverb

The Void Reverb Review 

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The Void Reverb pedal by Deadbeat Sound is said to push the audience into an eerie void mode with its simple yet modern evocative tones. It falls into the category of small and compact sized pedals with its dimensions of 60mm in width, 96mm in depth and 55mm in Height.

Coming in simple layout as well as at an affordable price this all round transfixing pedal gives a true bypass reverb effect. Powered by 9V DC with two patch cables and a foam padded storage box it draws 200mA of current.

In this article we will highlight some of the important aspects of Void Reverb Pedal and why it has emerged as a top choice in its category.

For such an affordable price the pedal comes packed in black box with the product logo VOID engrossed on it in big silver letters, a definite wow moment for all musicians when pedals and kits come in such flashy mood. On unpacking the pedal seems to be that much smaller. The Void Reverb Pedal may not be great at tweaking in infinite amounts but for the price mentioned it is capable of squeezing out a great reverb sound out of the amplifier without any fuss or noise whatsoever.

The Void is said to create a smooth soothing “plate verb” sound to the ears which is certainly good news for all guitarists and jammers out there with a slight modulation to it making it a pretty sounding reverb without any question. With reportedly the best quality to cost ratio out there the Void Reverb Pedal plays beautifully as a functional reverb with a lot of effects. Also the delay is easily noticeable maybe not as much as the monstrous highly expensive cathedral or high end reverbs but it does the job for its cost.

Features and controls

The Void Reverb Pedal comes with two knobs namely decay and mix along with a red LED with a popping out brightness tinge to it. The levels work wonderfully allowing for a great range of modulation and mix into the sound allowing for the right combination of lush as needed. The
knobs are turnable knobs and there are clear distinctions among the different levels of mix and decay, both of which are clearly distinguishable at different levels thus allowing the verb to get pretty spacey.

The decay knob may not have the largest sweep but its still very much usable. Even when the mix is kept at maximum or near maximum level the verb sits behind the notes perfectly without mushing up your sound to any extent at all.

Tone and performance

The Void Reverb Pedal has acclaimed customer recognition as spacey and ambient when its performance comes to question. A hint of chorus in the tone it is said to match some high end
reverbs like the Fender amps reverb giving the tone a shimmery chorus effect. This reverb is capable of creating the VOID effect which is effectively creating clean single chords ring out as if they are coming from an acoustic.

the void reverb

Among many settings one particular setting that works really well with the Void Reverb Pedal is a monstrous tone set out of decay on a longer setting with medium mixture. The vibrant effect creates an ambience as if to drown the whole room like in a cathedral and the name VOID comes to life when used with a fuzz pedal all the more when used as a distorted channel excellent for leads. When paired with another pedal the Void is capable of tuning your moods into the suburbia with deeper yet simple reverbs.

The Void Reverb Pedal is one of the best reverb pedals out there in the current market price. It has left many musicians stunned owing to the quality and potential of its modulations after having allowed a number of mix and matches of decay and mix options. This pedal will allow you to take a deep into the ambience of a cathedral at very low cost.

Capable of ringing a few heartbeats out of its shimmery chorus along with excellent echoes and re-echoes without any fuss, the Void Reverb Pedal is one of the best reverbs out there without doubt. Do not hesitate to shred a few bucks for this pedal because it gives you more than its worth and is capable of lasting long as well.

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