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The following article is a Walrus Audio Julia review discussing the features and performance of a very popular chorus pedal.

Walrus Audio Julia Analog Chorus 

Walrus Audio Julia Review

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As competition is hefty in Guitar Pedal’s field with many well-known established brands who have already upped their game long ago, one has to be unique in thinking and churning out the product. Walrus Audio Julia which was released in 2016 does just that. It provides more options than just the rate and depth knobs.

Chorus is a something which has its lovers and haters. Some feel that this effect sucks the energy out of effective tones of the guitar whereas some welcome it as it brings the retro appeal. Walrus has the capability to attract both categories. It inspires creativity and has got a great chorus with no volume cut! It’s like Julia understands the chorus.

It lets the guitarist play with the modulation. It allows you to explore the wide range of sonic territory. It is inspired from depth of the sea sounds. It has got a classic analogue undertone to it. Dry blend can be adjusted leading to many options to have from chorus, dry and vibrato. It has a true bypass which means that you can keep your tone, even when Julia goes out of the loop. Richness can be varied with the help of the dry knob. It has low frequency oscillation synced LED. It truly is a great combination of style and substance.

Julia has a 125-B-sized box or enclosure which is pretty much standard. The pretty modern circuit board has the plastic jacks fitted on them. It runs on standard 9V with no different battery compartment. It has 4 knobs which are the standard rate and depth knob, lag control knob and an amazing new feature enabled knob “d-c-v” and a toggle switch which switches between the sine and the triangular waveform.

It works best for electric guitars and bassists. For best effects, it should be used with high-quality instruments and a great amp for good sound.

Features and controls

Rate knob: It controls at what rate the sound is modulated or the rate of modulation.

Depth knob: It controls the amount of effect it would put on the signal.

d-c-v knob: One of the best features of this pedal stands for Dry-Chorus-Vibrato. It enables you to play with the levels of wet and dry sound. It starts with giving out dry sound which turns into fifty-fifty blend in halfway settings and full wet vibrato mode at the end. Variety of subtleties can be explored in the mid-range settings. It basically lets you blend dry and chorus and then easily slip into vibrato.

Lag knob: It lets you tamper the CDT (centre delay time) from which the LFO modulates from which helps you tap into those unconventional effects of chorus and vibrato. Lag knob when turned to maximum available point gives rise to nice tremolo.

It also has 2 LEDs on both side of the panel. Standard bypass is indicated by the left side LED while the right side LED flashes according to LFO speed providing an indication of the darkened stage. Knobs have white line on them to mark the positions.

Standard chorus pedals have triangular waveform but Julia provides an option to switch it to sine waveform which provides it with a different flavour. The difference between the effects of these waveforms on the sound can be seen in fast vibrato settings in which a soft warble turns
on/off sharply due to the triangular settings. Due to the large choral sounds you can create many effects of rotary speaker.

Tone and performance

Both chorus and vibrato modes are incredibly warm and well rounded. It’s organic and make the songs better with its 3-D sound. Intense pitch variations can be attained. The effects are fairly tasteful.

It has got sinister, organic and beautiful tones; which makes chorus haters to reach out for this pedal. It has nailed the classic analogue effect. The subtle settings for the chorus will definitely
make chorus haters at least part fans. The build is very good and sturdy.

The price is fair for these many wonderful settings. It works great for people who need more options and subtleties to their music due to its wide range of features. It accounts for the dramatic effects as well. You can control your distortions and reverbs.

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Customer Review Rating

The Walrus Audio Julia Chorus pedal is rated 4.5* out of 5* on Amazon – Check Reviews Here

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