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The following article is a Wampler Ethereal review discussing the features and performance of a very popular delay pedal.

Wampler Ethereal

Wampler Ethereal Review

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The Wampler Ethereal Delay and Reverb pedal make two of rock music’s most applied and recognizable effects. The pedal has a lot of flavours with countless voicing that include both the echo machine school tapes and today’s digital delays. The Ethereal comes with great versatility and powerful settings for dialling amazingly useful sounds.

The Wampler Ethereal as a multi-effects pedal is worthwhile and fun. It is manufactured by a leading and reputable US pedal builder. Regardless of how we sometimes bother about compact pedals with multiple effects, experiencing the functionality and design of the Wampler Ethereal would be a pleasant surprise to you.

The quality of the build is worth the costs, and that’s the essential point that makes it an excellent choice for buyers. With ample experience in buying pedals, the Wampler Ethereal definitely makes the cut as a solid construction, built to last for about a decade with normal use. The pedal comes with firm knobs and switches, as well as a good weight.

Depending on the amount of power available, a standard power adapter of 9v or 18v can power the Wampler Ethereal without including both of them with the pedal. It is not designed for battery operation and snagging an adapter in the absence of a spare one is all you should do.

Features and controls

The Ethereal is a flexible machine designed in pedal form and controlled through five knobs, a toggle button and a switch. It also includes an on/off footswitch. This may seem like controlling Ethereal is quite complicated, but the control layout is so intuitively put together that it’s easy to become user-friendly once you find out the functionality of each setting.

The core knobs: They include Feedback and Delay. Delay controls the delay length, and it can be extended as far as a full second, which is its highest second. It also features a blinking yellow LED light for indicating the current timing. Feedback is for you to set the amount of reverb you desire.

Delay Mix and Reverb Mix: They run the desired mix that comes from the effect and consists of an original dry signal. To use Delay or Reverb separately or to the right for the wettest/max setting, you have to move one of the two to the left to produce zero effect. As a control, the Tone knob is universal and affects the two effects the same way. To achieve a darker and mild sound, turn to the right and for a brighter feel, turn it all through to the right.

The Delay Mode Switch: It allows you to lay any of the four types of delay timings atop the major delay effect. This powerful feature makes it sound like one is listening to two delays at a time. The Trails toggle button: It allows for the deactivation of the pedal with no cut off of your effects. This means letting the Ethereal play the role of a safeguarded bypass pedal the time it’s off.

Wampler Ethereal

Tone and performance

The Wampler Ethereal comes with the Reverb and Delay components which are brilliantly designed. It brings a versatile Reverb that consists of subtle echo, slight and a hall reverb or crazy self-oscillation. When used together, the two effects get the pedal to show off its strength with varieties of sounds through one device. The performance of the Ethereal comes with such great sounds because of how it combines with your guitar. Even when the Reverb and Delay settings are maxed, it still delivers a strong wave of dry sound without losing any of its natural characteristics.

The Delay Mode is among the strongest features of the Ethereal, and the performance comes with a complex layer that consists of repeats and big, ambient sounds. With a Reverb added to the two-layered Delay, the sound will be mesmerizing amidst rhythmic echoes. For players who are fans of only traditional sounds and are not into crazily charged sounds, rest assured that the Ethereal is also built to serve you.

In spite of being a digital pedal, both the delay and reverb do not sound sterile on the Ethereal. It might have the capacity to rival a genuine analog pedal in the context of natural, and organic signal breakup. However the Ethereal performs with a high tone of smoothness for a digital pedal.

If you’re looking to add a dual reverb/delay or an excellent effects pedal, go for the highly recommended Ethereal. Built to work individually and as a combination meant to produce those two effects, the construction makes the delay or reverb a wonder. It doesn’t matter if you’re a rock and roll old school guy looking to buy a great delay and reverb pedal, the Wampler Ethereal has all the features and tone you’re looking for.

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