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The following article is a Wampler Velvet review discussing the features and performance of a very popular fuzz pedal.

Wampler Velvet Fuzz

Wampler Velvet Fuzz Review

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The Wampler Velvet fuzz represents an amp-in-a-box pedal that has sought to capture the sound of a vintage fuzz run through a cranked amp. More than just a three-knob fuzz box, the pedal is able to change its voicing to suit anyone’s needs. It is aggressive, yet smooth. The pedal also has a tightened bottom end that is tilting more towards distortion and produces a brilliant compression on fuzzed-out notes.

The Velvet fuzz pedal proves that good sound is not about chasing a tone from one specific piece of equipment, instead, it is about capturing the tones from an entire single chain. It produces the kind of tones that are earth shattering in their depth, smoothness, and aggression. The key to the tone of this pedal lies in its voicing switch.

If you love a good fuzz-box, this one is the most versatile that you will ever find. It will give you that 60s vintage feel but also sounds that you may find more current; all of which clean up seamlessly without a volume knob. Simply put, it is a classic, smooth fuzz tone in an easy-to-use pedal. It is exactly what you are looking for!

Features and Controls

At first glance, the Wampler Velvet fuzz pedal seems rather simple; three control pots, a footswitch, and a voicing switch. However, once you dig deeper into it, you will realise that it offers much more than what it seems.

The handmade Velvet fuzz (dimensions: 2.5″ x 4.5″) comes with an eye-catching design that makes it the high-quality boutique pedal that it is. It also has a solid and robust feel. The enclosure is a sturdy piece that is covered with a graphic design reminiscent of the ’80s.

The pedal is jampacked with a variety of features that make it highly unique. For instance, the volume controls the overall output while the fuzz increases the clipping.

On the other hand, the brightness adds depth and clarity in a clockwise direction. When flipped to the “big” setting, the pedal will confidently combine classic fuzz with the sound of an EL34-powered stack. This will result in a massive and enjoyable sound.

The big setting is also a standout feature that gives you more bottom end and a darker, vintage sounding fuzz. On the other hand, the “tight” option gives you a tone that has some elements of fuzz and distortion.

Some other features include:

  •  Bypass-relay switching
  •  9V power jack battery connection
  •  High power draw of 17mA
  •  A variety of control options including Volume, Treble, Gain, Smooth or Lift EQ, Bass, and Mid’s, Treble
  •  Smooth/Lift changes on the tone and gain structure, giving the pedal an extra “lift”
  •  5-year warranty
  •  Coated durable finish
  •  Pure fuzz or a fuzz-like distortion that represents independent clipping circuits
  •  High-grade film capacitors
  •  Resistors for a superior sound

Wampler Velvet Fuzz

Tone and Performance

Unlike other varieties of pedals, the Wampler Velvet fuzz works best when the Brightness levels are at an all-high. As far as the tone is concerned, this gives more clarity to all the individual notes- something often lost with your average fuzz pedal. Even when the volume is rolled back, the pedal still cleans up beautifully. Take it back just a little and you will get a fuzzy tone that is perfect for the rhythm. As with all Wampler pedals, the tone quality of the Velvet fuzz is really outstanding.

When it comes to performance, the Wampler Velvet fuzz has a wide range, making it adequate for those who like layering their effects. When you turn Fuzz clockwise, you will get more fuzz in your signal; roll it back down and the fuzz is barely there. It does not matter what kind of tonal effect you want to achieve, the Velvet fuzz is a high-performance, stand-alone pedal that brings a pretty standard fuzz experience.

Needless to say, this fuzz box is standard at its core. It is the best option for those who want a boutique grade fuzz that maintains its authenticity. Combined with a proven tone and great compatibility, everyone with a good ear for sound and music will certainly appreciate what the Velvet fuzz has to offer. This and much more makes the fuzz pedal a product that you should consider purchasing.

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Customer Review Rating

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