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In this Zvex Fuzz Factory review, we’re going to be discussing the pedals features, tone and performance to find out what makes this fuzz pedal so highly regarded.

Zvex Fuzz Factory

Zvex Fuzz Factory Review

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The Zvex Fuzz factory was invented by Zachary Vex who was both an inventor and musician. It was then introduced in the late 1960s and early 1970s and has been on the market ever since. This superb pedal revolutionised the world of sound by allowing musicians to explore various sounds and even create their own fuzz effect. A number of pedals have been produced ever since, but none has achieved such magnificence.

This pedal is made for guitarists who want more daring fuzz in their sound and all who wish to experiment and create something new. A lot of professional guitarists are partial to this pedal, and some of the best guitarists such as Jimi Hendrix and even Mathew Bellamy of Muse have used this pedal.

So you see this is a pedal that will allow you to explore new musical heights. The pedals are mostly hand built. In addition, they are also hand painted and often have a universal stock design that spots various variations such as the sparkle finish and the Korean finish amongst others that give unique touch that you can boast about.

Below is a comprehensive Zvex Fuzz factory review. Let’s look at the general features, tone and performance of Zvex fuzz factory.

Features and controls

The pedal is rectangular and is made of an aluminum chassis that makes it suitable for heavy-duty use. The chassis is hand-silk screened and polished and comes with amazing, lovely graphics. Each box is unique in its own way.

Another thing that makes Zvex unique is the use of a rare material known as germanium which was faced off and replaced by silicon in the early aD90s. Its core has two old- stock germanium transistors that were popular in the 1960s. It has five control knobs namely: volume, gate, compress, drive, and stability. These knobs interact to produce a near-infinite range of sound.

The volume knob controls output while the gate knob eliminates any buzzing, hissing and squealing sounds when turned left right, but unleashes these sounds when turned left. The compression knob makes sounds softer and is used to controls pitch. It is also responsible for producing the fat fuzz sound. And adding attack characteristics when the knob is turned to the left.

The drive knob is responsible for adding distortion controlling the tonal thickness and adjusting pitch. The last knob, known as the stability knob controls feedback pitch. It’s a slightly tricky knob and required a lot of practice to understand.

Now it’s important to understand that adjusting one knob changes the tone and determines how the rest of the knobs will be modified to get the required sound. Clearly, the makers of this pedal put in a lot of work to make sure that you get the best. The tones blend and provide both you and your audience with the perfect experience.

Tone and performance

If you are looking for the right pedal to help you experiment with the vast world of sound, then the Zvex fuzz factory has your back. It increases a musician’s tonal ranges allowing you to flexibly play through various tonal ranges. One of the reason it’s so popular is because also just happens to be one of the best at fuzz distortion. Its tones will take you right into the 511160s. It has four controls that add some dimensions of sounds to pick from.

Its sounds are excellently clear and harmonic not to mention how extremely rich the distortion is. The fuzz sounds are absolutely fantastic for with lead or chord sounds. Same settings have a number of different fuzz sounds such as smooth fuzz, hi compression fuzz, and the Velcro fuzz.

Fuzz factory uses internal feedback loops as well as component level bias to achieve or deliberately diminish control leading to distortion. Many guitarists have risen to fame by selecting the right pedal to assist them to make wonderful and inspiring tunes.

If you are looking to invest in music pedals that will give your imagination a challenge, or if you know a budding musician who will appreciate a gift straight from the 1960s then this will make for a wonderful treat ( especially if they love germanium fuzz).

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If you found this Zvex Fuzz Factory review both enjoyable and informative. Comment below your own review or any questions you may have regarding this product.

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